Our Brand

 Peace & Wolf

An Artistic Ethical Fashion Brand

Peace and wolf is an ethical fashion brand. All the products we offer are manufactured sweatshop free. More than 60% of the products are created in either the United States or Canada.

Because our products are printed on demand, we do not have a large inventory of excess fashion. Unlike larger designer brands, we do not print fast fashion clothing and throw the remaining products in the trash. This reduces waste and our carbon footprint. 


The majority of our tops are USA Made and we offer a large selection of sustainable apparel.

  • All the T-shirts sold at Peace & Wolf are printed with nontoxic water based ink, and the prints last longer than most t-shirt brands.
  • Our Canadian made leggings, skirts, and dresses are made using ecopoly, which uses less water to manufacture.

We spent years choosing the right t-shirt manufacturers that only outsource apparel with factories certified by the Fair Labor Association. The T-shirt companies we work with have the same mindset as Peace & Wolf about the environment.

  • Global warming is a real threat and the fashion industry leaves one of the biggest carbon footprints. Two out of three of our product manufacturers have amazing ECO policies to reduce carbon output.
  • All of our t-shirts come from brands that have environmental policies. They are also printed with environmentally friendly water based ink. Most of our t-shirts are american made, recycled, organic, ECO, bamboo, or hemp.


We are a fashion brand with a quirky sense of humor specializing in amazing art apparel by Rhode Island artist, Coral Isabella Aurora. Many of the original t-shirt phrases can only be purchased at this shop.