Our Brand


Peace & Wolf

A Unique Ethical Brand of the Future

A brand of the future, Peace and wolf is a fully ethical business with sweatshop free manufacturing. We are proud that the majority of our products are sustainable. All of the T-shirts sold at Peace & Wolf are printed with nontoxic water based ink.

From organic cotton USA made tees to Ecopoly Canadian made leggings, there is a gift for everyone. 

We are a fashion brand with a quirky sense of humor specializing in amazing art apparel. The t-shirt phrases are unique, and many of the puns can only be purchased at this shop. Specializing in nature + wildlife puns, this store is a heaven for animal lovers.

What do your clothes say about you?

Ours speak of a better Earth. 




We're Not Barking Up the Wrong Tree

By buying from Peace & Wolf you are not only supporting a small business, you are supporting a better fashion industry.


  • Global warming is a real threat and the fashion industry leaves one of the biggest carbon footprints. Two out of three of our manufacturers have amazing ECO policies to reduce carbon output.
  • All of our t-shirts come from brands that have environmental policies. They are also printed with environmentally friendly water based ink. Most of our t-shirts are american made, recycled, organic, ECO, bamboo, or hemp.


Sustainable Selections

Peace & Wolf offers an extensive selection of lustrously soft organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and ecofleece apparel. The majority of our T-shirts are USA made.

All of our tees are printed with nontoxic water based ink and fade/crack slower than the majority of t-shirts on the market.

Our dresses, leggings, capris, totes, beanies, bathing suits, sports bras, underwear, and skirts are Canadian made by artisans. Ecopoly, a fabric used for most of our Canadian apparel, helps the environment because it uses substantially less water to produce.

Overall, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the fashion scene.



We Give Back to the Earth

As a plus, 15% of our profits are donated to a nonprofit organization. A different nonprofit is chosen every year. This money can go to food for wildlife conservation centers, training, bedding, and toys for rescue dogs, surgery and medical care for abused pets, fund efforts to protect our local wildlife, and more.