Check back soon to see which nonprofit Peace & Wolf will partner with next!

Peace & Wolf partners up with multiple nonprofits every year. Currently, we donate $1 for hats, mugs, books, undies, & face coverings. We donate $5.00 for everything else.

We also donate an extra $100.00 for every 100 t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, leggings, blankets, and shoes sold. So, if 100 of these items are sold in the collection matched to a nonprofit organization, they get an extra $100.00.

Peace & Wolf is an ethical brand that offers a large selection of sustainable products. We want to make a healthy footprint in the fashion industry, which is one of the biggest polluters in the world. We also want to make the Earth a better place for the people, animals, insects, and plants that live here.

Our goal is to help small organizations achieve their conservation dreams by raising enough money to fulfill their goals, such as helping an endangered species get better media coverage, raising funds for healthy animal feed, and increasing education for habitat destruction.

We have an interest in organizations dedicated to the well fair of shelter pets, wildlife, plants, insects, birds, and horses. If you have a certified nonprofit organization in New England and would like to work with Peace & Wolf, please use the form below.

The Perks of Partnership

  • If your nonprofit has 20,000 followers on social media, and only 5% buys a t-shirt in the collection assigned to you, then you will raise $5,000 for your organization. With the extra $1.00 per a 100 t-shirts sold, you will make $6,000.
  • You have access to amazing products, original designs, and hilarious puns to sell to your followers. You don't have to hire an expensive artist.
  • We handle shipping and customer service. All you have to do is spread the word.
  • Raising brand awareness helps the next organization. The more exposure Peace & Wolf earns, the easier it will be to raise money for the next nonprofit.
  • You can always reapply for a partnership again in the future.


The Nonprofit's Mission

During the campaign, nonprofits are expected to advertise the partnership with Peace & Wolf daily on social media and send email newsletters, so that their followers are aware and can raise money for their cause.

  • Advertise the partnership daily on social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Send email newsletters every two weeks about the partnership.
  • Share your favorite Peace & Wolf products on your organization's social media pages at least once a week, and don't forget to remind your followers that you earn a percentage of sales.
  • Create urgency. Remind your followers that this partnership only lasts a year and set a sales goal for your fans. We suggest setting a goal of 100 t-shirt purchases to start out.
  • Email information, education, photos, fun facts, and highlights about your nonprofit to Peace & Wolf. This information will be shared on Peace & Wolf's social media and newsletters to educate the public.
  • (Due to COVID-19, this is no longer mandatory) We always want to work closely with each organization. Each nonprofit is required to participate in an interview for our Peace & Wolf YouTube show. We will ask questions about your organization, its animals, and mission to raise awareness on the internet. We recommend including animals in the show. But, especially, be creative and have fun! Depending on distance, we might even request two interviews. But participation in one video is mandatory.


If Peace & Wolf doesn't have a design with animals or plants that are iconic for your nonprofit, don't worry. Send us an email and we can create a design featuring the animal or plant your organization cares about. At Peace & Wolf, we love to learn and educate about new animals.


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