Hold Me I'm Friesian Out - Unisex - Pullover Hoodie

Hold Me I'm Friesian Out - Unisex - Pullover Hoodie

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A new equestrian classic, this Friesian inspired design features the popular black horse rearing in a spooky pumpkin patch. Renegade ghosts fly through the air among bats and seasonally colored polka dots. The words "Hold Me I'm Friesian Out" are written in white text.


  • Unisex Pullover Hood
  • Front pocket
  • Sueded jersey lined hood with drawcord
  • 1×1 ribbed cuffs and waistband
  • Sideseamed
  • Artwork printed with nontoxic waterbased ink


Fun Fact:


Friesian horses are a popular breed for dressage and driving (pulling carriages or carts). They originate from Friesland in the Netherlands. Although many people in the equestrian field use this horse for dressage and other sports, they were originally bred for driving. Originally, this horse breed only came in black, however genetic abnormalities and breeding have caused a few other rare colors to be possible in a purebred Friesian, such as chestnut. But, the breed standard of a Friesian states they should only be black with very little white markings.